The current representatives for 2021
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Great Vistas LLC
Thomas Houghton, President
Scott Williams, Vice President
Randolph Knight, Secretary

Hilltop Villas
Scott Williams, President
Charles Keltch, Secretary/ Treasurer
Gerald Buckalew, Director
Robert Turner, Director

Villas III
Scott Williams, President
Richard Devereaux, Vice President
Rodney Lindoo, Secretary
Randolph Knight, Treasurer
Arlen Harris, Director

Pirates Pension
Harry Doerr, President
Carol Keltch, Vice President
Joseph Caltagirone, Treasurer
Margaret Patterson, Secretary
Thomas Houghton, Director

Villas I Board of Directors (Units 155-175)
Paul Kerpan (member)
[email protected]
Selma Salmons (member)
[email protected]

Hilltop Villas 1 & 2 Board Of Directors (Units 211-330)
Scott Williams (president)
[email protected]
Chuck Keltch (secretary/treasurer)
[email protected]
Jerry Buckalew (director)
[email protected]
Robert Turner (director)
[email protected]

Hilltop Villas 3 Board Of Directors (Units 100-154, 200-210)
Scott Williams (president)
[email protected]
Richard Devereaux (VP)
[email protected]
Randy Knight (treasurer)
[email protected]
Rodney Lindoo (secretary)
[email protected]
Arlen Harris (member)
[email protected]

Pirates Pension Board Of Directors (Units 392-422)
Harry Doerr (president)
[email protected]
Carol Keltch (VP)
[email protected]
Thomas Houghton (director/LLC rep)
[email protected]
Joseph Caltone (treasurer)
[email protected]
Margaret Patterson (secretary)
[email protected]
Thomas Houghton (director)
[email protected]

If you do not get a response, contact the BBC RESORT GENERAL MANAGER:
Mikhail Shamkim via email: [email protected]
QUESTION: One resort but four (4) associations, can you explain this to me?
ANSWER: Bluebeard's Castle is made up of four (4) separate associations. Many owners wonder why this is. The answer is based on when the resort was initially founded. The original developer had the resort's legal documents drawn up this way thus we have one resort but four separate legal entities or associations.

QUESTION: What is an LLC rep?
ANSWER: After the settlement, the 4 associations (on the advice of legal counsel) had to form a LLC to receive the settlement funds. The LLC, called GREAT VISTAS, is the body that determines consensus between associations for items like care of the common grounds and other issues. PLEASE NOTE: one does not need to be a Board member to sit on the LLC board. The appointment is entirely up to the sitting board.

QUESTION: What can a Board member do with our money?
ANSWER: The Board members elected can do what they feel is best with your maintenance fees. Some members, in the past, felt it best to try to build reserves while other, more recent members have decided to lower fees to appear to give owners a break. Ultimately this will lead to a special assessment like the one that the Beach Club just had in 2011.

If Board members want to have meetings in St. Thomas, you pay for their trip. With technology we have today, many see this as a waste of funds. Why not use Skype or some other means to communicate? Maybe some Board members feel that they are entitled to a free trip on your money. Be informed and vote. Change is a good thing.


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